UL String Light

G40 bulb UL string light




Led G40 sting light can be widely used for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Led G40 sting light has long life span and low energy consumption, high waterproofness and flame-retardant.

Perfect for Backyards, Gazebos, Gardens, Pergolas, Decks, City Rooftops, Weddings, Bbq, Dinner Parties, Birthday Parties, Gatherings

Length: 10m,20m,50

Bulb colors: white and colorized

Scoket: costumizable, mini space is 25cm

IP rate: IP 65

Power connector: rubber wire

Power cord: round or flat wire

Rated power: 25W

Certificate: CE, ROHS, SAA






1.Make sure the main power to match the light voltage as per instruction.
2.Please stop using if the wire scratched or copper wire exposed.
3.Max loading must depend on instruction.
4.Indoor and outdoor use must according to the IP rated.
5.Please don't pull the light when it lit up.